The Piece

We were supposed to be heading home from vacation, but decided to stay a few extra days. I’m enjoying some quiet time with Jesus this morning. The warmth of the sun touches my face, and the warmth of His presence touches my heart.

Last night, while walking across the parking lot, something caught my eye. It was a single puzzle piece from a child’s puzzle. Perhaps a remnant left behind after the recent resurrection celebration?

What caused me to stoop down and pick it up was the face on the piece. Although cartoony and quite unrealistic, I knew it was Him… Jesus.

His eyes wide with hope and an inviting smile, it was as if He was reminding me of the words He spoke to the disciples, “Unless you become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.”

If I’ve learned anything from being a mom of six it’s that children ask questions… lots and lots of questions. How ironic that even now I find myself in the wilderness with so many questions, and I hear Him whisper,

“It’s okay. Stay here with Me.”

So, yes, give me faith like a child, to trust that Jesus can speak to me through a little puzzle piece and remind me that He is often the missing piece, and until we receive His Kingdom here and now, and humbly surrender to His love and the wonder and mystery of it all, we, like the puzzle this piece belonged to, are not complete.

I want to know… like a child wants to know.

I want to wonder… like a child wonders.

I want to learn and grow and remain teachable… just like a child.


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